Why is Supa Golf so Popular?

[expand title=”1. SUPA GOLF is easier to play.”]

Because of the increased size of the Supa Golf club head and the size of the ball, hitting the Supa Golf ball is so much easier.  The shorter fairways, the bigger holes, the layout of the course and the fact that the ball is almost impossible to lose means Supa Golf is so easy to play.  The skill level is significantly less that traditional golf and there is no limit to the age of the people who play Supa Golf.  If you have a “windy” playing Supa Golf, you don’t need a lesson, you need your eyes checked!!


It doesn’t matter how old you are, from children, young adults, parents, young couples, families, grand parents or the most senior of citizens,  SUPAGOLF is a much easier, more enjoyable and more rewarding game to play and that’s why they keep coming back.[/expand]


[expand title=”2. SUPA GOLF appeals to more people.”]

Because Supa Golf is so much easier, so much quicker, so much safer and so much more enjoyable it appeals to the great majority of the population as a recreational activity. Currently only 7% of the population play traditional golf even though there is an abundance of golf courses for people to play. SUPA GOLF appeals to the entire population and therefore, opens up the opportunity for operators access the 93% of the population who presently do not play golf.[/expand]


[expand title=”3. SUPA GOLF appeals to existing golfers.”]

Don’t think for a minute that Supa Golf does not appeal to existing traditional golfers.  Because the swing of the Supa Golf club, and the flight of the Supa Golf ball is almost identical to traditional golf equipment, the enjoyment and appreciation of Supa Golf is shared by traditional golfers.  Watch the swing of Australian PGA Professional, and 2010 Australian Seniors Masters Champion Lindsay Stephens in our DVD to appreciate the how the swing of a traditional golf club and a Supa Golf club compare.  Our Managing Director John Morgan, a former golf teacher and pennant player, is a Supa Golf fanatic!!


The ability to play a game of Supa Golf with their non golfing friends, children or grand childen who are not inclined or allowed on public or private golf courses, is greatly appreciated and enjoyed by traditional golfers. Traditional golfers who play SUPA GOLF all report of an enjoyable and fun experience, and further they will be back for more!![/expand]


[expand title=”4. SUPA GOLF is easier to teach.”]

Many golf teachers and teaching professionals have requested the use of our clubs because they feel it makes the teaching process so much easier because the clubs are so much easier to use, and the experience for the student so much more rewarding.  But its not just Golf teachers or golf professionals.  Its so much easier to teach Supa Golf to anyone.  As Lindsay Stephens said in our DVD, “With Supa Golf its so easy, you don’t even need a lesson.”[/expand]


[expand title=”5. SUPA GOLF is safer.”]

Because the clubs are made of polycarbonate and the balls from a polyurethane this makes the game much safer that traditional golf. Even sharp contact with ball or club is unlikely to cause serious injury which makes SUPA GOLF immeasurably safer than a traditional golf.[/expand]


[expand title=”6. SUPA GOLF has lower course fairway maintenance costs.”]

Because the fairways are only a third of the length of a normal course and half the width then it follows that there is only one sixth to one tenth of the area to maintain. But not only is there less area but a fairway also needs a third of the mowing of a normal course. A normal course requires mowing three to four times a week times a week, but a SUPA GOLF course needs only to be cut once a week and the rough once a fortnight. A SUPA GOLF course can be maintained for a fraction of the cost of a traditional course.[/expand]


[expand title=”7. SUPA GOLF has lower green maintenance costs.”]

As with fairways a SUPAGOLF green is significantly smaller than a traditional course, again about one third the size and so it follows that the costs to maintain them is significantly smaller. The greens on a traditional course cost about as much to develop and maintain as the fairway, the quality of the greens is after all one of the principal ways to determine what constitutes a good course. On a SUPA GOLF course the green is one of the areas of least expense with respect to maintenance.[/expand]


[expand title=”8. SUPA GOLF balls are almost impossible to lose.”]

The SUPA GOLF ball is made of a polyurethane and come in bright iridescent colours. They float and so are easily retrieved from water hazards. Because of the bright colours and their much larger size they are almost impossible to lose on any golf course.[/expand]


[expand title=”9. SUPA GOLF is quicker to play.”]

Because a SUPA GOLF course is one tenth the length of a traditional course it follows that a game is significantly quicker to play. Eighteen holes of SUPA GOLF takes less than two hours to play. On some traditional courses an 18-hole game of golf can take up to six hours to play.[/expand]


[expand title=”10. SUPA GOLF is fantastic for children.”]

Children under the age of ten are not allowed to play golf on a normal public course. This is a function of the requirement of safety and speed of play. On some public courses children of the age of ten can play but they must be accompanied by an adult. SUPA GOLF caters perfectly for children and children of the age of five can play. Because of the safety of SUPA GOLF children over the age of ten can play unaccompanied by an adult which means they can be dropped of at the course while the parents can go shopping or have a few hours off.[/expand]


[expand title=”11. SUPA GOLF is much cheaper to play.”]

A round of SUPA GOLF costs less than a round of golf on a traditional course, a round of SUPA GOLF costing about $12.00. Because a round of golf also includes the clubs and balls in effect this makes the cost even less. When playing on a traditional course the loss of one ball can cost anywhere between $3 and $7 depending on the quality of ball one chooses to use. SUPA GOLF also dispenses with the need to purchase clubs, bag and buggy, or hire them as is the case with public courses.[/expand]


[expand title=”12. SUPA GOLF has specially designed, user friendly clubs.”]

SUPA GOLF clubs are designed and provided for all ages and all sexes, children, women, young teenagers and adults. In addition the clubs come in both left and right handed.[/expand]


[expand title=”13. SUPA GOLF balls can’t be lost.”]

Most traditional golf balls are one colour, white. SUPA GOLF balls come in bright iridescent colours. Each player in a group has a different colour ball so there can be absolutely no confusion.[/expand]


[expand title=”14. SUPA GOLF rules are simpler.”]

Not only is golf a difficult and complicated game but the rules can be mind boggling. SUPA GOLF has ten simple rules and they are detailed on the back of the scorecard.[/expand]


[expand title=”15. SUPA GOLF is convenient.”]

Because a round of SUPA GOLF includes the clubs there is no need to pack and unpack clubs in the car, and in the case of a family, a number of sets of clubs. It also means that people can drop into a SUPA GOLF facility without any prior planning.[/expand]


[expand title=”16. SUPA GOLF clubs can be modified.”]

Because SUPA GOLF is not controlled by any governing body the clubs do not have to conform to the strict and rigid conditions imposed by traditional golf authorities. As a result SUPA GOLF can modify the clubs to make it easier and more beneficial to the players such as having molded grips which guarantee the correct grips when swinging the club. These very practical teaching aids are outlawed by traditional golf authorities.[/expand]


[expand title=”17. SUPA GOLF balls can only travel 100m.”]

Golf should be a game of more hitting and less walking. Because the ball can only travel 100m it is easier to see, easier to find and means your next shot is not far away. In traditional golf if an adult were to play with a younger person the younger person would have many shots before they reached the ball of the adult. SUPA GOLF ensures that the players, be they good or very ordinary golfers, are always within 100m of each other.[/expand]


[expand title=”18. SUPA GOLF clubs and ball have same feel and swing characteristics as conventional golf clubs.”]

Unlike all other clubs on the market such as children’s clubs and all plastic clubs the SUPA GOLF club picks up, feels and swings like a conventional golf club. This means that a person only has to learn one swing and should they wish to progress to traditional golf they do not have to learn another swing. This is important particularly for children who wish to progress to traditional golf. It is also the reason the game appeals to traditional golfers who can play a game of SUPA GOLF and not have to alter their swing.


It is also the principal reason golf teachers request the use of SUPA GOLF clubs for teaching purposes.[/expand]


[expand title=”19. All SUPA GOLF players have the same equipment.”]

SUPA GOLF players have exactly the same equipment so it becomes a constant test of skill and not technology. It has often been said of Formula 1 racing that why don’t the drivers all drive the same car so the public can see who the best driver is. SUPA GOLF does exactly this.[/expand]


[expand title=”20. SUPA GOLF reduces the difference between skilled and non skilled players.”]

One of the problems with traditional golf is the vast differences in the distance a ball travels when struck by different skilled players. A poorly hit SUPA GOLF ball will still travel 40 meters while a very well struck shot will only travel 100 meters. For this reason nearly a half of the players at the Oasis course in Perth are young couples.[/expand]


[expand title=”21. SUPA GOLF has a bigger putting hole.”]

Because the ball is bigger it follows that the hole must be larger as well. This allows children and inexperienced players to enjoy far more success and therefore greater enjoyment when putting as opposed to traditional golf. In addition a greater number of chips shots from off the green go in which again provides greater enjoyment to all participants. Green maintenance costs are also drastically reduced.[/expand]


[expand title=”22. SUPA GOLF has an easier course layout.”]

Traditional golf courses contain hazards that are meant, and are placed, to trap and test players. This is not the case with SUPA GOLF. The SUPA GOLF course contains similar hazards but they are located in places with a much lesser chance to punish the SUPA GOLF player, such as the bunkers at the back of the green. They add to the course but are not meant to detract from the experience. This also aids in the speed of play of a round of SUPA GOLF.[/expand]


[expand title=”23. SUPA GOLF allows easy conversion of existing nine-hole courses to 18-hole SUPA GOLF.”]

An existing nine-hole golf course contains more that enough space to convert to an 18-hole SUPA GOLF course.

In addition there would be more than enough space left over for putt putt, crazy golf, a driving range and other complimentary revenue raising activities.[/expand]


[expand title=”24. SUPA GOLF allows for immediate play on existing pitch and putt courses.”]

By simply changing the size of the cup, an existing pitch and putt course can be immediately converted to SUPA GOLF. However rather than being restricted with the shots one can play, essentially pitch and lofted approach shots, the players can now play a full array of shots with all clubs therefore getting a far more rewarding experience which much closer resembles a game of traditional golf. This can be done with little or no changes to the course.[/expand]


[expand title=”25. SUPA GOLF can be played simultaneously on traditional golf courses.”]

SUPA GOLF can co-exist with traditional golf on a pitch and putt course or a par three course by using only the SUPA GOLF cup as the hole for both SUPA GOLF players and traditional players. This accommodates the situation where one person in a group wants to use conventional sticks and balls and the others want to play SUPA GOLF.


The course can be a dedicated pitch and putt for certain days or times of the week, and a dedicated SUPA GOLF course for the other times simply by changing the cups on the green.[/expand]


[expand title=”26. SUPA GOLF balls have similar flight characteristics as a traditional golf ball.”]

Because of the technology and research that has gone into the design of the SUPA GOLF ball the flight pattern of the ball is very similar to the flight pattern of a normal golf ball. This makes sense really because if you are going to design a golf club that feels and swings the same as a traditional golf club then it follows that the ball should the same. As a result the ball will still fade, slice, draw and hook just like a normal golf ball but simply not to the same extent. Good shots are rewarded and the results of bad shots are still seen but not to the same damaging affect as seen with a normal golf ball.[/expand]


[expand title=”27. SUPA GOLF is fantastic for corporate events.”]

There was a period of time when corporate golf events were very popular. They were played on prestigious golf courses at tremendous expense. They are far less popular now days and one of the reasons is that they tended, for numerous reasons, to exclude female golfers who would not play for fear of embarrassing themselves.


Consequently these events became principally a male corporate event which defeated the purpose of inviting all your customers or all your staff as the case may be. In addition the game took most of the day to play, during the event your really only got to see those whom you played with and then there was the inevitable problem of getting people safely home after the event as all of the resort courses are located on the outskirts of Perth. As a result corporate events began to be played at lawn bowling clubs which overcome all of the above issues. SUPA GOLF is the perfect corporate event, still challenging and competitive but so much more inclusive, user friendly enjoyable, fun, practical and cheaper than the traditional corporate golf day of the past. Even hardened traditional golfers say they enjoy the corporate SUPA GOLF event every bit as much as the traditional event.[/expand]


[expand title=”28. SUPA GOLF is perfect for schools.”]

Because of issues such as safety and public liability issues schools are very reluctant to play or teach golf on the school premises. Even a trip to a local course is still fraught with danger and the duty of care the school has to the student is not diminished at a traditional golf course. SUPA GOLF however is so safe that many school groups play at the Oasis resort throughout the week.


In addition to that we have received many calls from schools asking if we can supply clubs and balls so that the students can be taught to play golf at the school simply because of safety aspects and the other unique features of the game.


The success of SUPA GOLF is based on providing a game that all people can play and enjoy while keeping golf’s fundamentals unchanged.[/expand]